Example of bad cold-calling

Just got a call from a sales rep from a content management company looking to sell me their solution (why else would they be calling?  It’s not my birthday).  It went something like this:
Rep:  “Hi my name is Michelle and I’m calling to find out how you’re currently storing your documents…”

Me:  “Uh…. what?”

Rep:  “I’m calling to find out how you’re storing your documents.”

Me (Thinking, but not speaking):  No you’re not.  You’re calling to sell me something.

Me (Speaking): “No thank you.”

Three reasons why this is a bad effort:

1. She didn’t tell me what company she was with

2. She wasn’t honest with me about why she was calling

3.  She didn’t offer me anything of value that I could gain from the conversation

A better approach:

Rep:  “Hi Marc.  We haven’t met.  My name is Michelle Smith and I’m calling from a company called Content Management Inc.  I’ve been contacting CMOs around the Chicago area to share some insight into how content management systems are saving companies similar to yours big dollars while improving lead-to-sales conversion by  up to 100%.  Can I send you a copy of this whitepaper?

Me:  “Sure.”

Rep:  “Great.  Can I confirm your email address is… Thanks for your time.  I’ll follow up in a week or so to get your feedback.  Take care.”

Notice the differences?  Other thoughts on cold-calling? Please share.


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