Attention Sales Reps! The Best Trade Show Follow Up Script

Sales reps:  Here’s your script for following up after a trade show, This works for email and/or telephone follow up:

“Hi {attendee},

Thank you for stopping by our booth last week at {trade show name}.  I’m hoping to get some feedback on the event to ensure {your company name} provides attendees with the most relevant information at next year’s show.  Two quick questions:  why did you attend this year’s event and did the experience meet your expectations?”

This brief communication helps to:

  • Start a conversation that’s NOT about your product or service, but rather about THEIR feedback about a common experience
  • Turn a cold call into a warm call
  • Provide an opportunity to continue the conversation and engage the prospect in a meaningful dialog
  • Gather real information your team can use to improve its messaging at the next event.

Once the prospect is engaged in this conversation, ask if it’s OK to continue to send relevant information to the prospect.  For example, you may try, “Thank you for your feedback.  Is it OK to touch base with more information on this topic from time to time?”

This is your opportunity to continue the dialog until you either:

  • a. get the prospect to enter a buying cycle
  • b. get the prospect to tell you to get lost

Either way, you’ve moved the opportunity forward to a conclusion.

Try it and let me know how it  goes.


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