Like, please stop saying “like,” like right now.

Me interviewing a young candidate for a marketing role: “Tell me about your recent experience at XYZ Company.  What was your most proud accomplishment?”

25 year old candidate:  “So, like, I was the marketing coordinator, and I was, like, in charge of producing an event for our management team, and I, like, had to organize this dinner for, like, 20 people.  It was, like, really, really, important…”

Attention young professionals:  Stop using the word “like” in your conversations.  Stop it now.  Do whatever you have to do, but stop cold-turkey.  Get counseling, join a 12-step program, take meds for all I care, but don’t expect me to hire you if the only word I can remember from our conversation is “like.”  I can’t overestimate how much the overuse of that word diminishes every other qualification you possess.  Get help now!


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