Netflix may roll out 16 original shows, stand-up comedy specials next year

Distribution is great, but content is king!


Netflix (s NFLX) wants to take on HBO and Showtime with the production of original stand-up comedy, the company’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos revealed in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter this week.

Sarandos pointed to Bill Burr as one example of a stand-up comedian who has seen huge success on Netflix, to the point where he can now tour in countries where Netflix is operating its streaming service. Producing stand-up comedy is “also a great way to cultivate talent for future scripted projects,” Sarandos added.

Asked about his plans for the next phase of original shows on Netflix, Sarandos said that he wants to target audiences that the company has so far overlooked, including tweens, Sci-fi fans and sitcom viewers. Altogether, Netflix could debut as many as 16 originals in 2013, according to Sarandos.

In 2013, Netflix is going to launch a total of 8 originals, including the…

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