“The child’s gr…

“The child’s growth comes not from weighing her, but from feeding her.” Barbara E. Walvoord

I’m doing some reading to flatten my learning curve regarding assessments in higher education.  As Chief Marketing Officer at an education technology company, I’m at my first position on the academic side of education technology.  My previous positions have been on the business side of higher education (i.e., safety, security, financial aid disbursement, etc.)

As such, I’m attempting to enhance my understanding of the process by which academics measure student outcomes and learning.  I came across the quote above in Assessment Clear and Simple, by Barbara E. Walvoord (Jossey-Bass, 2010).  The quote appeared as a way of emphasizing the action phase of the assessment process, i.e., the steps and initiatives the institution takes as a result of the data gathered during the assessment process.  In other words:  it doesn’t matter how much you measure, analyze or report. If you fail to act on the information, all the effort is wasted.  This advice pertains to leaders in academia and business alike.


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