Data silos: biggest breaking point to cloud adoption and a CIO’s sanity

No surprise here. Big problem in HIgher Ed as institutions wrestle with consolidating disparate data sources – with fewer resources than commercial enterprises.


Data silos and integration challenges, more than security, are the biggest barriers to cloud adoption. Siloed data in cloud apps and data centers is costing companies millions annually due to inconsistency, inaccuracy and inefficiency across the business. And the enterprise software market is crossing the threshold of another transformation, now that cloud computing has shifted the center of gravity for data.

CIOs who use SnapLogic have told us that this is impacting the way they purchase and leverage cloud solutions in the future and whether cloud deployments really have the advantage in this new world of data. They need to ensure agility amongst users, infrastructure and data, so it can all live anywhere and can simply stay synced versus requiring constant maintenance anytime something changes or needs to be updated.

SnapLogic helps companies overcome these barriers with an elastic integration approach that connects any combination of data sources six times…

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