Procrastination Kills: My Grass is Still Growing

lawn portrait

MY landscaper and I parted way (see July 3 post) and I haven’t come to terms with an alternate method for maintaining my lawn.  I’m procrastinating.  Do I hire a new landscaper, or do I invest in a ride-on lawn mower and cut it myself?  I’m still deciding.

Meanwhile, my grass is growing.  Every day I don’t make a decision is costing me.  My lawn looks bad.  My wife is unhappy.  My neighbors are unhappy.  And when I do address it, it will take longer and cost more to cut it.

It’s not like I haven’t been doing anything about it. I received a couple of quotes from landscapers and priced out some used tractors.  What I haven’t done is make the key strategic decision that will end my procrastination:  Do I hire someone to maintain my lawn, or do I do it myself?  I’m still deciding.

In business, this type of procrastination can cost a lot more than a sloppy lawn.  Procrastinating on establishing a strategic vision for your organization will stifle decision-making down stream.

Execution becomes risky, thus your team will avoid it.  Yet, the grass will continue to grow and the lawn will look worse and worse every day.

Where is procrastination hurting your business?  Are you debating a buy vs. build decision?  Are you considering promoting from within vs. hiring from the outside?  Are you procrastinating over global expansion vs. domestic focus?  Keep in mind, while you’re debating, considering and procrastinating, your competition is not.  The price of talent is increasing.  The marketplace is quickly evolving.  The grass is still growing.


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