No More Random Acts of Marketing

Random Acts of Marketing. Brilliant!


If you’ve worked in marketing for more than a week, you’ve committed an RAOM – a Random Act of Marketing.  It can take many forms. Mine have looked like tins of inedibly strong mints, a shipping pallet full of Lands End boots, a print ad with a deer in it and, I’m ashamed to say, dozens of branded duck calls, all for really no reason at all.

An RAOM can be caused by many things including the dangerous combination of an executive, an airplane, an abundance of vodka and an ad sales guy. They are also caused by neighbours with an embroidery business, spouses raising money for worthy causes, excited sales people and, sadly, even level-headed marketers who build a six-figure campaign around blinking yo-yo. But these are not reasons for RAOMs, they are excuses.

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