Avoiding UMIs: Useless Marketing Initiatives


UMIs, or Useless Marketing Initiatives are killing marketers.  They waste time, waste money and produce zero in terms of ROI.  Avoid these UMIs at all costs:

  • Trade Show Program Ads – no one reads them.  I mean no one.
  • 4-page (or more), 4-color, glossy, custom cut brochures about your company.  I line my bird cage with them.
  • Banner ads for B2B lead generation:  Be honest:  How many clicks did you get?  How many were legitimate leads?
  • Press releases announcing your latest customer acquisition.  Congratulations, you have a customer.  What happens next week when you don’t send a press release?  Does that mean you don’t have any new customers?
  • Facebook pages for B2B marketers.  Do I even need to explain this one?

Fight through the desire to produce UMIs and focus on these worthwhile initiatives instead:

  • Targeted email that has been tested and refined
  • Trade show collateral developed specifically for a narrow audience.  1 page should do. No one will read more.
  • Press releases announcing a new product launch.  Make sure you send the release to all customers and prospects to whom the new product will apply.  Focus.  Don’t spam.
  • Brief, pithy company profiles on Twitter and Linkedin
  • A consistently updated blog
  • SEO and well-researched Pay-per-click campaigns that can be analyzed, tested and refined

Other thoughts?


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