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Feed it Backto Feed it Forward

A friend told me:   Feedback is a gift.  When you receive it, say “Thank you.”


“communicate consistently” is one improvement I need to make. What do you think of the list? What would you add?

M3 ~ Morgan Melnyk Marketing

I stumbled upon a great content marketing article the other day and decided to share. In principles of epic content marketing, Pulizzi lists 6 ways that CMOs can step up their content marketing engine:

  1. Epic content fills a need with your audience (and hopefully industry)
  2. Communicate consistently (not only for campaigns)
  3. Find and use your unique and human voice (easy right?)
  4. Express a valuable point of view (
  5. Avoid sales speak (and increase educational content)
  6. Be recognized as the best in class (or industry/niche)

“The problem right now is that most marketers are looking at metrics as objectives [for example, counting followers or looking at Web traffic]. What we want to focus on is Return on Objective (ROO).” Ultimately, you need to create and follow a content marketing plan.

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B2B Marketing: Evolving From the 4 P’s to SAVE

A recent study published in Jan/Feb Harvard Business Review says the 4 P’s of consumer marketing are not as well suited for B2B marketers.  Replacing the 4 P’s  is SAVE.

Product to Solution

Place to Access

Price to Value

Promotion to Education

Why the shift?  It’s not really a shift, it’s more an acknowledgement that B2B marketing is inherently different than consumer marketing.     The reason for the difference centers around the relationship between sales and marketing that exists more commonly in B2B marketing, particularly for enterprise solutions. 

Your thoughts?