10 LinkedIn Photo Poses NOT to Use


It’s a free country, so you can post any darn picture of yourself on your LinkedIn profile you want. But, remember, there are consequences…  and long-lasting perceptions are formed by visual cues.

1. You with your shirt off (swimming pool, beach, boating, etc.)

2. You on an airplane (we get it.  You travel a lot because you’re really important)

3. You with your kids (sorry, save that for Facebook)

4. You on the golf course (LinkedIn is for working.  Facebook is for playing)

5. You in a cocktail dress (It doesn’t make you more glamorous – unless your job is to go to cocktail parties, then you get a pass)

6. You on a camping/hunting/RV/4-wheeling vacation

7. You in your car

8. You with a celebrity

9. Selfy from your cell phone

10. You – without you. (at least put yourself in the picture)

Smile… and say “Cheese.”


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