Lessons from ObamaCare: When the going gets tough…


…real leaders get going.

Trying to get out ahead of the upcoming rush of “Lessons from the ObamaCare Debacle” posts soon to be pouring out of every corner of the blogosphere, here are my five rules for success when the going get tough:

1. Own it. Take accountability immediately. Even if you’re not at the top of the ladder, take ownership as if you were.

2. Set your objectives and achieve them quickly.  if you had a part in the problem, you better have a part in the solution.

3. Communicate frequently.  There’s no such thing as over-communication during a crisis.  Keep everyone affected up to date. This goes for internal stakeholders as well as external partners and customers.  This is not the time for more surprises or misalignments.

4. Ignore the noise.  In political circles, opponents are going to seize this opportunity to kick you while you’re down.  In business, competitors, too, will act on your misfortune. Ignore it.  Take care of fixing the problem.  Once the storm has passed, then you can formulate your strategy for dealing with competitors and settling scores.

5. Quickly remove people who are not up for the task.  During crises, surround yourself with the best talent, the hardest workers and most advanced resources.  Do not allow a weak link to unravel the chain that pulls the ship to shore.


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