Everything Tech CEOs Know About B2B Marketing is Wrong

“I don’t really know much about marketing, but…”

–          Almost every tech company CEO I’ve every spoken to.


Having worked with dozens of tech company CEOs over the past few years, I’ve concluded that, although most freely admit marketing isn’t their strong suite, most have a voracious appetite for creating buzz, disrupting the market and becoming the next Google, Apple, Dropbox, PayPay, fill in the blank, etc.

Typically, their way to get to accomplish these objectives includes hiring a young and hungry (though usually completely untrained) sales force; hiring a marketing “guru” who will create enough buzz (usually through social media) to make a beehive jealous; and demo-ing their product to anyone who will sit still long enough to participate (usually at some trade show in exchange for a chance to win an iPad, 3D Printer or some other hot device).

At the heart of these perspectives is a DNA that makes them great technology innovators including a relentless focus on creating something new combined with a wild enthusiasm for how their product will bring joy and happiness to the market when everyone falls in love with their creation just as hard as they have.

Sorry.  Wrong.  Wrong. And Wrong.


Want to learn more?

Click here to download the whitepaper that details the B2B Strategic Marketing Framework for technology companies. 



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