This Week’s Prediction for 2014: 3D Printing Gains Serious Momentum


3D printing will arrive in 2014.  Here are 5 ways you’ll see 3D printing used in 2014

1. Parents using 3D printers to create miniature models of their newborns.  Creepy?  A little, but new parents do interesting things.

2. Trade show gimmicks.  3D printers will be used at more and more trades shows to attract booth traffic and build product awareness.

3. As give-aways.  In much the same was as iPods, iPads and other new gadgets were used as promotional items, 3D printers will be the swag of choice in 2014

4. In schools.  They are already popping up in colleges and universities, but in 2014 primary and secondary schools will acquire some and it will become a topic of significant conversation as kids figure out “interesting” things to do with 3D printers

5. On the news.  2014 will be the year a 3D printer is used to do something fantastic that will create major headlines around the world.  Hopefully, that event will be an overwhelming positive one.


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