The B2B CMO: The New 5-Tool Player

In baseball parlance, a five-tool player is the rarest and most sought after athlete in the game.  Each major league team is on the lookout for the next Mike Trout, for example.  Someone who can hit for average, hit for power, throw, field and run is usually projected for stardom.

In B2B marketing. the CMO who proves to be a five-tool player also has the makings of a superstar.  A five-tool B2B CMO is someone who can:

1. Expertly position products for success
2. Segment the market and establish focus
3. Create compelling content and messaging
4. Consistently generate leads that put customers in front of salespeople
5. Effectively utilize analytics and data to improve all four areas consistently

How do you become a five-tool player?  Train yourself and your team in each of the five tools.  Demand consistency in your approach, i.e., make sure you’re employing all five tools as part of each and every initiative.  You can’t afford to take any games off.  There’s no room on the bench for a five-tool player, err CMO.

For more on ways to become a five-tool CMO see:

(photo credit:  USA Today)


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